Friday, 22 May 2015

TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS: Just for Laughs…and the ‘QUEEN’! [3.5/5]

A hushed & muted father in 40 years of marriage [K K Raina] is comforting his son [Madhavan] who’s on the edge of making the hardest decision to get out of his dysfunctional marriage; and you can clearly eavesdrop on the mother complaining hysterically about this late night discussion. Towards the end of the conversation, the agitated father gets up, picks up a floor-wiper and breaks the only lit tube light in the house. The marriages anywhere on earth can bring the same effect on any one who claims to be sane. But then, there is always a way to escape the complications. Paying no attention and enjoying your regular spell of drinking could be one, as suggested by the father in the film but divorce is just not so done. How can we not have Tanu and Manu in same frame if the film has already pictured them as a couple? We dare not.

Despite managing a wonderful plot for a sequel, TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS prefers to join the successful league of highly entertaining bollywood films that might go for a clumsy climax and a fake happy-ending just for the sake of audience’s approval. The best part is you have a pool of talents and the powerhouse herself at your side, Kangana Ranaut if you want to play straight; so definitely no one is gonna raise his eyebrows over this preferred choice of not going bold but staying regular.

Four years is a term looking too much to be in marriage for the temperamental Tanu [Kangana] and maddened Manu [Madhavan]. Their latest verbal spat has landed Manu in mental asylum and Tanu in killing loneliness. She returns to her zone, of ex-boyfriends, fewer limitations and an all flying high life with no strings attached. Manu meets a mirror image of Tanu and falls in love instantly. This new entrance [the overpowering double role of Kangana] is a Haryanvi athlete- a lot rough in her vocals but much more susceptible and sensitive within. Meanwhile, returns Pappi [Deepak Dobriyal]- the uproarious friend who never runs out of droll one-liners. Then, there is Raja Awasthy [Jimmy Shergil] adding the drama led by power, passion and attitude. Zeeshan Ayyub plays your regular mean and tricky one-sided lover who considers himself belonging to a certain ‘kandha’ type men known for offering their shoulders to broken girls to cry at.

TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS takes off from the base of its prequel and lands up in the territory of ‘RAANJHNAA’. Aanand L Rai being the powering team-lead and Himanshu Sharma the delectable writing force, it doesn’t fail as an experiment. Film guarantees uncontainable laughs especially in the first half before the ineptness in the screenplay starts bothering you soon. Be it the wedding-scene where Pappi kidnaps his ‘whats app’ female friend to marry just because she would reply on his even lamest jokes with ‘LOL’ text messages or where Swara Bhaskar sounds like she had done anything unethical in going medical way to conceive a child without telling her husband; the second half eventually becomes the rush-rush, hush-hush mission to meet the forged happy ending. When would we stop pretending that marriages are not done until the very last ‘phera’? When would we stop taking our climaxes to the ‘mundup’ at the very final moments?

Anyways, keeping my issues aside; it’s a film that establishes Kangana’s success in QUEEN wasn’t a fluke. She surfaces as a towering performer in both her roles. No matter what get up, what accent she’s into; Kangana is there to spellbind you. Her flawless performance gives you goose bump moments we rarely experience or expect from Bollywood films. Madhavan is equally competent. His charms never fade. His kind, compassionate and fragile Manu makes his own place in your hearts. The casting is superbly accomplished.

Overall, TANU WEDS MANU RETURNS is a film made for laughs! Frequent laughs! Fabulous laughs!! If only Aanand L Rai had not been so conservative about divorces, film would have been blessed with a much appreciative climax. Watch out for the ‘Queen’ whose vivacious presence alone makes every penny of yours a ‘worth it’ investment to gain super-sized entertainment! [3.5/5]

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